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Bargain scanner

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Software for flippers that allows to monitor market. App has been created by stakeholders realated to real estates. System helps to seek out the most advantageous offers among secondary market, bankruptcy auctions, auctions and sales by trustee in bankruptcy. We monitor more than 400 websites and web services with real estates 24/7. In this web service you can find packages that includes different configurations od modules in Skaner Okazji. Available modules are: - Announcements; - Auctions; - Bankruptcy auctions; – Local auctions; – Information about indebted real estate. It’s possible to check which package we are currently using in the app. When user wants to extend package by different modules, he can easily change his package for higher one. Payments on the website are processed by Przelewy24. The most important functionality, apart from basic monitoring majority of websites available on the market, is creating your own filters When the user creates filter, that meet specific conditions, and in the system appear offer that fulfils them, our system will immediately let the user know about it via SMS or mail. Filters has been clearly defined together with team of people that everyday work with flip (buying real estate and selling it with a profit), so as the app was comfortable to use. Starting with basic filters (city, price, number of rooms, creation date) and anding with unique ones like key words that are desirable or unwanted in the offer. Other components implemented in the project are: system that integrates issuing receipts and invoices and that manages packages and order modification – Woocomerce and necessary information about the app, contact details and pricing on the OnePage website.


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