Docker is an open source platform that makes it easy to develop, deploy, and run applications using container technology. Today, it has become more popular with the use of companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft. Docker plays a big role in choosing a more flexible structure and completely free compared to virtual machines.

If we briefly explain the container, it is the name given to each of the processes run by the Docker Engine and isolated from each other. Developers can pack their development environments into these environments by packing them into these containers with their required configurations. This structure inspired by maritime transport eliminates many problems for both developers and system administrators.

What are the differences between Docker and Virtual Machines?

Docker provides isolation of applications using container structures on a single operating system. In virtual machine technology, this structure is obtained by separating the systems on the operating system level through Hypervisor. Due to this architectural structure difference, we can say that Docker has a more dynamic structure compared to virtual machines .

We can say that Docker is one step ahead of virtual machines in resource management. A fully virtualized system can only use the resources allocated to it and share resources on a minimal level. In comparison, Docker can intelligently use resources between containers running on the system. For example, let’s assume there are two containers on the Docker, while one of these containers is not using CPU, the other container can take full advantage of CPU power. As a result, we can say that an optimized container system can sustain much more applications than virtual machines.

One of the biggest problems in the software development process was to move the software to the server environment. We can say that Docker is very effective in this regard. It aims to free the application from network, storage and operating system. In this way, it guarantees that it will work when you move a container you have created to another environment.

Is Docker Safe?

The operation of containers in a single operating system raises the problem of safety. Docker brought software solutions to this issue. Applications running in the container cannot see and affect the application in another container unless otherwise specified.

In addition, the common kernel use of containers on the same machine is an important concern for developers. Although Docker seems to not be able to give the confidence of virtual machines in the near future, this technology will become more mature in the near future and will become more stable and reliable.

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