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History of Mayeryn

The history of Mayeryn dates back to March 2018, when two talented graduates of the Gdańsk University of Technology decided to set up a company providing the highest quality IT services. For almost 2 years, we had been operating as a startup in an incubator. Since the beginning of 2020, we have been functioning as an independent limited liability company.


Mayeryn means not only modern technology but also people. Younger specialists can learn from more experiences ones. At Mayeryn, we do not leave and breathe just our work; we put people first, knowing that each and every person needs to feel accepted and appreciated. Our M-Team is made for people looking for a place, where one can develop their hobby among other incredible passionates.


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Innovative technologies

In their daily work, our M-team uses modern tools carefully selected by our specialists. The tools include, inter alia, Zulip, Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, GitLab and Docker.

Why Mayeryn

We recognize that Clients have different needs. We have an individual approach to each and every Client. Their satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer a full after-sales service. We care about long-term relations with our Clients; we treat them as they should be treated - as people.

Projects are developed in stages.
Thanks to that, the Client can test our technologies at a very small price, without any risk.
If the Client is not satisfied, they can resign without any consequences.
We provide after-sales assistance.
Even many years after the purchase, the Client can always turn to our specialists.
We never leave our Client alone with a problem. You can always count on us.
We provide our Client and their employees with training on the operation of the purchased systems.
Thanks to appropriate training, the Client can take full advantage of the systems.
A system that is used efficiently saves a lot of money and time!
We quarantee reliability.
The Client can be sure that our systems always work flawlessly.
If any problems arise, we resolve them immediately.
We can integrate the purchased system with any other system.
This will allow for the cooperation between the systems.
The Client does not have to synchronize data between the systems manually.
We can transfer all data from the previous system.
The new system will comprise all entered information.
The Client will be able to start working with the new system immediately.
We have cyber-security specialists.
All data is 100% secure.
No one except the Client can access the data.
We use the best tools available on the market.
This makes our programmers work very efficiently.
We are be able to complete the project faster than our competition.
We test the software that we have produced.
As a result, the Client receives a fully operational system.
When we finish the project, everything works perfectly.
Process traceability during project development.
Our offer includes progress monitoring on an ongoing basis.
We keep the Client posted about the stage of the project.
You can find us in three Polish cities.
We are not a small catch-and-go company. We will not suddenly disappear from the market.
We give you a guarantee of reliable and stable service for many years - even after the warranty period.
Clients from all around the world are happy to have put their confidence in us.
Their satisfaction shows that our projects are reliable; Clients do not regret trusting us.
We are sure you will be satisfied as well!

We have experience in the implementation of projects co-financed by the European Union.

We carry out projects with extremely tight deadlines, low budget, and demanding Clients.

Nevertheless, we ensure that the quality of the project is superior!


Don't the cold hard facts convice you?Check out the projects that we have completed.

"The Client of our Client is also our Client.

We assist in business analysis and advise on the most beneficial solutions that will best meet the expectations of end users."

Michał Brzózka, Sales Manager at Mayeryn

How do we conclude contracts with contractors?

Let's meet and discuss the details over coffee :)

In person

We can discuss the content of the agreement over e-mail. We will send documents via courier. When you sign the documents, the courier will quickly deliver to us one copy.

Via courier

Companies that have a qualified signature can conveniently use it to sign documents electronically.

Qualified electronic signature

A natural person or a business owner can conveniently sign documents electronically using a trusted profile.

Trusted profile

For smaller projects, all we need is a scan or a photo of the signed documents.

Scan of documents

If you want to avoid formalities, just pay the invoice :) No red tape involved!

VAT invoice

Do you want to automatically generate and send agreements to your contractors and employees with one click?

Contact us! It doesn't cost a fortune!

Join to us

Do you want to speed up your professional development? Do you finally want to feel that you have an influence on the company you work for? Join us and build a unique team with us!

View current job offers.

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