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Ultrasonic distance sensor (English)

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Original design of the distance sensor, designed to meet our current requirements. Sensor works by measuring the propagation time of a sound wave . Thanks to the quartz resanator is able to measure the described time and then convert it to the distance of the sensor from the object. The sensor measures the air temperature and takes this into account when calculating the distance, so there is resistant to any temperature changes.

The sensor housing was designed by us according to technology of 3D printing and CNC machining


The heart of the system is the Atmega 8515 microcontroller . She has it 8 KB flash memory and 512 Bytes EEPROM and 512 bytes SRAM onboard . Moreover, it is in able to handle 64KB external memory. It has many interfaces, thanks to which it is possible to communicate widely with peripheral devices. It is produced in many cases, even having 44 pins down use. The power supply of the microcontroller itself varies from 4.5 to 5V but manufacturer applied a more economical version, allowing the system to work from 2.7V . You should also remember about adding quartz, which definitely improves the timing of the entire microcontroller .

Second the most important chip in the entire device is the distance sensor . It is a sensor ultrasonic based on, among others, operational amplifier z possibility transmission and waterproof probe .

It was used to test the temperature inside the tank digital sensor. Moreover, on the PCB board there is room for an additional one sensor, and on use of type K thermocouples to perform checking measurements. Numerical data showing the milk content in the tank will be displayed on 7-segment displays . To their drivers with eight outputs were used to handle also dots located on the displays. 12-bit DAC converters are used to output voltage or current on output after applying an analog signal to their inputs.

The last layout attached to the the distance sensor is membrane keyboard . It was designed for probe handling measuring. There are pads on which the buttons, and will be added LEDs illuminating in an appropriately programmed manner.

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