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Mlekomat (English)

Mayeryn product


In our project, we follow the classic idea of a vending system in a completely new version. By using new solutions, we are able to provide users 24-hour control over the sales system and the condition of the product. As the name suggests, the vending machine is designed to support the sale of fresh milk supplemented with (helpful in running a business) self-complementary sales charts.

The idea is for users simple, be able to buy milk remotely to collect it at any time.


Communication between machines, server and clients is done with GraphQl , that is open source language for inquiries and manipulation of given The heart of our mlekomata is platform computer Raspberry Pi version 3 extended with a board designed by us Main MR_ADAPT_400 and I2C adapter . Communication between components it is done using multiple protocols designed by our company MRAP (Mayeryn Asynchronous Protocol) thanks to which we can receive and send data to the distance sensor used for calculating the amount of milk that is currently available.

Embedded has been programmed with using Java 8 and C ++ . The user interface uses a library JavaFx . The system allows the user for the purchase of milk in the machine and collection of the previously booked order. Additionally, she stayed implemented logic, which when the machine does not have the right amount of money to spend change, displays suggested suggestions for machine owner and service technician it is possible to log into the system directly on the machine . It does access to additional functions such as cleaning the machine, switching the machine to manual operation or milk delivery update.

The application and all its components will be hosted in full focal point for the entire system using Apache Tomcat Server . For everyone user and the type of his profile (Owner, Service technician or Customer) the relevant functions will be supported. IN In order to facilitate the process of booking and selling milk, an intuitive application was created mobile dedicated to phones with Android . Thanks to her also the client will be able to make minor modifications to orders.

Continuous Integration - development work has been done supported by the implemented CI system, thanks to which each additional functionality is launched with all the tests before it is added to the main repository. CI was done with the functionality of GitLab Server . Thanks so much solution we have constant control over the added pieces of code. Additionally, our CI automatically increases system version number when adding new functions.

What have we done

The Vending Manager product combines the idea of a common system for three types of devices recipients, consists of a part of a web and cellular application, and embedded system software. In addition to the software, the hardware of the machines themselves and mechanical parts were also created


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