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Automated Recruitment Processes – New Solutions for HR Departments


23 February 2021 •

Finding the suitable and qualified staff is a real challenge for every entrepreneur. Reality of the recruitment-related processes, in most companies, involves numerous interviews, plenty of prospective candidates for a single position as well as additional working hours for different enterprise departments. To meet expectations of our client (as well as of yours) we have created a system, which changes the arduous and time-consuming process of recruitment into an automated, efficient and quick way to find the top talent.

How has the recruitment process been improved by us?

The idea to create such a system was triggered by a need of our client to streamline both the recruitment processes and periodic training (including OHS) performance. Not only were the two highly problematic, since they strongly engaged HR department and brand specialists to select the best candidates (out of a great number of applicants), but also money-consuming to a great extent.

Up to now, the recruitment process at our client’s enterprise followed such pattern:

How have we solved the issue?

The market was analyzed against the existing systems of this type. Similar solutions were been available, but none of them fulfilled all requirements of our client. After being thoroughly checked, solutions accessible in the market showed to be mainly lacking the following:

– integration with LDAP server

– CRM-related integration

– automatic analysis of open-ended responses

– embedded anti-plagiarism software

„Enterprise Quiz” – online examiner is our solution to the lengthy recruitment processes; it is a comprehensive system, created to integrate all the above-mentioned features that make it stand out from the similar ones, which has been designed not only to solve the problems listed by our client, but to provide support for any enterprise (including yours) facing the challenges of employee selection. Our system helped to reorganize the entire recruitment process in our client’s enterprise – currently its setup is as follows: 

Enterprise Quiz” – online examiner is unusually innovative because it allows part of the recruitment process, ranging from a candidate’s application submission to their assessment, to be performed automatically, with ho human interaction required! Additionally, our “Enterprise Quiz” enables to conduct periodic training (e.g. OSH) and response analysis automatically.  The solution, prepared and implemented by us, contributed to saving at each of the processes, on average:

As presented above, our solution, not only will simplify and improve the way your enterprise is operated, but also will help to save time, money and human resources to a large extent.

Want to learn more about the “Enterprise Quiz”?

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