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Marketing Auto Dialer (English)

Mayeryn product


Internal project Dialer is a system of automatic telephone connection. We offer proprietary and professional software called MarketingAutoDialer in the form of an application for Android devices.


  • > allows you to connect automatically, without involving consultants;
  • > carries out hundreds of calls a day to contacts from the preloaded list / databases;
  • > after establishing a connection, the application plays a message / announcement that can be modified and adapted to the requirements of a given industry;
  • > in the event of no connection being established, the application disconnects and then dials the next number on the list - the system provides the ability to adjust the calling time;
  • > the system records the customer's response, sets up calls with customers itself and transmits their calls directly to consultants;
  • > the system automatically eliminates contacts with whom it has established a connection from the list;

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