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MRAP Protocol

Mayeryn product


Fully proprietary communication protocol in the UART interface and SPI used in Mayeryn devices. It was created out of the need for trouble-free communication between our ultrasonic sensors and the main management unit. The emphasis was placed on scalability of the solution , and the possibility of using it between various devices.


The protocol works in the Master-slave model typical for such solutions, which allowed for predictable device operation. An error control system was also implemented in the form of a checksum calculated with the CRC-16 / ARC algorithm. Communication is based on 8 bit asynchronous data transfer . Outgoing MRAP frame diagram:

  • SF - starting frame
  • FN - frame number
  • ADDR - device address to which the message is to be sent
  • SIZE - field size
  • PAYLOAD - commands and parameters
  • CRC - a checksum to detect transmission errors

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