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The riddles of file and folder

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The riddles of file and folder is the app that provides educational games for students. The project consists of online courses with tasks of different type that use the image of Plik and Folder (file and folder) – the protagonists of educational films that were made between years 2012-2018 by NASK. The app has got 4 default types of accounts. Super Admin can define all the parameters in the given tasks and has got the possibility to edit single user permissions. He can also create new roles and assign to them selected users. Teachers via the admin panel create and edit tasks, basing on templates of tasks prepared as a part of the app, and combine selected tasks into courses. Students perform courses assigned by a teacher on dedicated Uczniowie realizują przydzielone przez nauczyciela kursy na dedykowanej website after logging in. Their overall results are displayed in ranking. Project also contains account of guest type. Account of this type will be dedicated to people that wants to try out a course without leaving marks in system. The app has got the following tasks templates: Guessing letters, Crossword, Board of phrases, Quiz, Puzzles, Name a difference, Select elements, Memo. Admin panel contains advanced filters that allows to search for tasks, groups and single users very precisely. Permissions Section allows to create all new user with permissions that are selected by Super Admin. Every task has got precise editor that allows to create individual course, which difficulty perfectly fits the age of the student. Elements arragement was created in accordance with precise customer requirements. Very important in the project was high-quality graphic design of the whole app that had to be functional, being also visually appealing. All of that was to provide the students with appropriate aesthetic experience and, above all, educational experience.


The application was running in Docker. To the databases were used Mysql and Mongodb. The server was written in Java 13, with the use of Spring Boot framework. While frontend was implemented in React, Redux using mostly: styled-components, material-ui, axios, final-form, react-hook-form. Api documentation was created with the use of Swagger.

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