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Zabrze recruitment portal

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The purpose of the project was to create recruitment portal for the city of Zabrze. Project consists of the app based on Java and React that concides WCAG standard. The website focuses on make recruitment process in Zabrze easier and more efficient. Portal has got three user roles: administrator, candidate and recruiter. Administrator can create new accounts and manage all users permissions. He can also regularly download system logs. Together with the recruiter he also have possibility to create advanced dictionaries. How dictionaries work? They consists of many different elements. They can be created with different inputs (e.g. date, short text, attachment). Then every dictionary can be freely and repeatedly use in advertisements and forms. Thanks to that it’s not necessary to create every field from scratch and one can use ready-made blocks/parts in order to create the whole announcement or form. What’s more the website allows to create detailed forms based on aforementioned dictionaries and advertisements that consists of ready-made forms. Announcements can be edited and printed. Recruiter can change the advertisement status and send invitations to tests and job interviews. Every candidate’s application has got its own status which also can be changed every second. Recruitment portal helps also with creating reports that are related to app by indicated criterion (e.g. education, job seniority). Candidates can browse advertisements (they can be filtered, browsed and sorted) and apply to them.


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