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Vending Machines – Your Idea for a Business


23 February 2021 • 20 min czytania

Automatic vendor, coin-operated machine or simply a vending machine – certainly, all of us are familiar with at least one of these terms. On hearing them, an idea of a vending machine with snacks or coffee pops into our mind at once. They are extremely popular and widely used devices. But, have you ever come across the term – milk vending machine? If not, but you want to know more and you are:

this article has been created for you.

          The article focuses mainly on milk vending machines, but they can be used to sell any liquid other than milk, e.g., juices, cocktails, fruit compotes, lemonades or spirits.

What is the difference between a milk vending machine and a traditional vending machine? 

Milk vending machines are, in fact, a combination of a vending machine and a fuel distributor. Similar devices, like coffee machines, are filled with powered elements and the externally supplied water. The way a milk vending machine works is a totally different story – it provides fresh and real milk. The machine is mainly intended to sell fresh, unprocessed products (e.g. natural, straight from the cow, non-pausterized and fully-balanced milk). The machine monitors and ensures that stored milk (up to 400 liters) is kept at proper conditions constantly and automatically.

Storing fresh and unprocessed milk is always a challenge, as it is very difficult to prevent it from going bad and sour, from turning into cream, butter or other milk-based products. Our automatic vendor is equipped with a great number of actuators and sensors creating ideal conditions to store milk and other dairy products. Sensor-related data are processed and analyzed on an ongoing basis and they provide information of how the product of sale must be taken care of.

           Have you ever considered buying fresh and straight from the cow milk? If yes, the two following options are the most frequently available:

The former option – purchase of fresh milk from a farmer is extremely problematic for city dwellers, since either the milk proving farms are situated a few dozen kilometers away or a direct contact with cows and their natural is unbearable or overwhelming. The latter option is not a better one either – milk, packed in plastics, absorbs the synthetic elements and does not get stirred – this affects its storing conditions and nutritional quality to a great extent. For that reason, a milk vending machine appears to be the only reasonable way to distribute fresh milk on a larger scale.

What distinguishes the vending machine milk?

Possibility to sell your products 24/7, including Sundays and holidays, is an additional advantage in using the automatic vendor!

What are the earnings? Purchase prices of fresh milk as of 26 July 2019 in Poland amount to PLN 1.30/liter (EUR 0.30). Sales prices of such milk range between PLN 3.20 – 5.00/liter (EUR 0.73 – 1.14). If we assume the amount of PLN 4.00 (EUR 0.92)/liter, the daily sales of 400 liters (the maximum capacity of a milk vending machine per day) will generate the daily revenue of PLN 1600 (EUR 367.13) from only a single machine.

If you are considering to sell straight-from-the-cow and fresh milk or other unprocessed liquids from the vending machine?

     Contact us! We are here to create a perfect solution for you!


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