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Who is Web Developer?


23 February 2021 •

We visit tens of maybe hundreds of sites on the internet in one day. Each of these sites have different views and they can offer us millions of features. People who qualify as Web Developer is the name given to the people who design the front and back side of a website. But is that all?

Web developers are basically divided into 3 main subtitles. As in every business line, everyone has a different task. Let’s take a website you visit. This site actually has 2 main concepts;

* The front face you see (Front-End)

* The back side turning  gear wheel (Back-End)

For this reason, web developers basically gather around these two main topics. There was an extra third title that I mentioned at the beginning. And what I want to talk about is that one person can do both of these things. These people are referred to as Full-Stack Developer in the industry. So now let’s get them together;

Front-End Developer: Frontend developers. They create the fields that the user sees.

Back-End Developer: Back side developers. They regulate the areas that the user does not see for the operation of the system.

Full-Stack Developer: People who can develop both the front of the system like Front-End Developer and the back side like Back-End Developer.

Let’s continue our article by considering these three concepts in detail.

1.Front-End Developer

People called Front-End Developer  who design everything that a user sees on a site. They are making  front of the site, such as forms, texts, images, videos, buttons, and tables on a website.They basically use 3 main languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Without much mentioning the descriptions of these languages, they create elements with HTML, improve appearance with CSS, and add dynamism to the system with JavaScript. Apart from knowing these 3 languages, they can easily include a number of sub-libraries in their knowledge and they can go one step ahead of others  in the sector.

2. Back-End Developer

Back-End Developers are take care of  with invisible parts of a website. So these people make the system work. For example, Front-End Developers  prepare a contact form, but  back-end developers  take data which entered  by the user to the  form and register it in the database are called Back-End Developer. The speed and security of a website is in the hands of backend developers. The vulnerabilities found on the websites are the points that the back side developers unnoticed. They should know the database systems well, they should understand the logic of the server.

3. Full-Stack Developer

To make a brief definition for this concept that has became popular  in recent years. They  can code both  frontside and backside. Nowadays companies are  searching  developers  whose  know  backend and  fronted  together  . This actually means that one person has to do a job that two people have to do. As a result, it is not very simple for a person to do a security  problem  in backside  and  do javascript problem in the front. However, my personal opinion is that if you want to be a   web developer, you must  have a little knowledge in every area, and you can  be both a front-end and back-end developer.


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